Happy Thirsty Thursday BeauTAYful TAYsearchers! Live from Nantucket.

Written By Taysha Smith - June 10 2021


June 10 2021

@Olivia Tay is not in the entertainment industry. That’s not her life. She could careless. Her focus is solving really hard problems in the most beautiful creative way possible. 😍 Being with a celebrity does not make you a celebrity or an entertainer. Tay Tay is way too grounded to think that way.

June 10 2021

@Ebony You will never catch Tay in Miami. Hawaii , Watchhill, Nantucket, Mustique or Mauritius but never no cheap ass Miami 😂. Wrong girl

June 10 2021

@Iris This is true. Tay Tay is more of a doer not really a talker. 😍

June 10 2021

@Melody She’s probably writing in Nantucket. That’s where she goes to write her books 📚

June 10 2021

@Leslie The BWFH are huge. Tay’s favorite diptique candle is roses. Her favorite BWFH is sweeter tings. They both smell amazing.

June 10 2021

@Jenes Exactly. The only thing that works with Tay is real communication from the heart space. If you come phony in anyway, she’s blocking you. Her ability to know the difference is top notch. Tay Tay is not throwing no more hail Mary’s to people that fumble the ball because they are not built for the game. Just pretending lol. Nobody has time for the sophomoric bullshit. It was cute a decade ago but it’s boring now. New day new vibes. High vibe intelligent nerdy cool only.

June 10 2021

Buenos Dias Tay! Save me some clam chowder 😋

June 10 2021

@Christy The Hamptons is 90’s people don’t do the Hamptons like that unless you already live there and you’re a senior citizen. New England is still popping and so is Hawaii as far as wealth goes. But it’s exclusive. You can’t just pop up in New England.

June 10 2021

How was the Ocean house? We’re the beaches crowded?

Heather P
June 10 2021

Tay first you opened NYC last week then New England 🇺🇸. You are literally on tour for America and we love it haha.

June 10 2021

Are those beauty sponges in your store yet? I need 3 jars. So cute 🥰

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