Happy Thirsty Thursday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. What chall doing ? :)

Written By Taysha Smith - October 21 2021


October 22 2021

Nice meeting you at Bergdorf’s Tay. You are so beautiful 🤩. All that wild hair and those almond eyes. Thank you for being sweet to my mom and I.

October 22 2021

@Warren Tay loves cities because she’s a family and community kind of person. She brings the proper people together. It’s all about interdependence with her. It might look like she’s alone but it’s quiet the opposite. People adore her for real in real life.

October 22 2021

@Nadia Tay is working as usual. You know that brain of hers does not shut off 😂

October 21 2021

Tay is the Balmain mini flat iron cordless?

October 21 2021

Great post as usual 😇

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