Happy Thirsty Thursday Early. #LoveYourSelf #LoveAlwaysWins #iPromise

Written By Taysha Smith - April 14 2021


April 16 2021

That daily love book is amazing! Thank you for putting us on Tay.

April 16 2021

Men that truly hate women won’t stand a chance in this new era. You can’t fake it etha.

April 16 2021

I don’t trust no old ass man without a wife. Or a man that’s obsessed with “perfecting” a woman. FOH. 😂

April 16 2021

It’s hard for washed up people to realize that their time is up. They will fight tooth and nail to maintain their perceived nonexistent power. People like that usually die alone. Even their children abandon them after awhile. Sad.

April 15 2021

My dad is crazy too haha.

April 15 2021

People be doing toooo much. These old heads are so jealous of these young-ins. It’s pathetic.

Norma J
April 14 2021


Heather P
April 14 2021

Hahah! I love them 💕 Two comedians…

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