Happy Wealthcare Wednesday BeauTAYful TAYsearchers.

Written By Taysha Smith - July 07 2021


Heather P
July 08 2021

@Samantha Depends if they are;

Inherited wealth
Old wealth
New wealth
Or a hybrid like Tay.
Those who stay wealthy tend to:

By being frugal relative to their income
By having well-diversified investments
Not relying on one income source
Not giving all their money to charity upon death!
Teach their kids how to compound the money and not be like these rich kids:

You can’t be high-wealth sustainably without spending less than you make.

Now sure, being frugal isn’t the same for everybody. If you are earning $100M a year, and you spend $50M, and invest $50m, you are still being frugal relative to your income.

That is no problem, provided you can reduce your spending dramatically if the money dries up.

But most people can’t do that. That’s why there are so many `missing` “billionaires”.

July 08 2021

How do the super wealthy stay wealthy?

July 08 2021

@Bernadette That’s a perfect description of her haha. It’s like she tries to tag certain people in and they fumble the ball every time. They have no instincts, so they slander gossip then feel stupid when she flies past them with another bag of all bags. It’s the ignorance for me 😩 I don’t know how she still has love for these people.

July 08 2021

@Parker Tay owns all the profitable parts of her business and outsources the rest. She’s literally a money machine. Her business acumen is unorthodox but it works! People try to study her but she never shows everything. She keeps the recipes close to her heart. 🤍 You can’t copy what you can’t see is her motto. She’s like stealth bomber or a world class sharp shooter. Tay don’t miss. Whatever she wants she gets. Leaving people feeling stupid. Lol

July 08 2021

@Liz I think she’s going to launch 🚀 TAYsearch TV without an announcement. You know how Tay is. I can’t wait!!!

July 07 2021

How many of the expensive lip balms can we order at the drop price on the 25th 😀

July 07 2021

@Samantha I know! That’s why people call her the princess of pricey 😍😍😍

July 07 2021

@Violet Tay comes from affluence, she’s always had luxury and designer in her life. Literally born in Gucci. Lol

July 07 2021

@Unis you can wonder all you want. Tay is going to tell you what she wants to tell you. She does not owe you an explanation about her life. All you need to know is that she owns and operates a search engine. The End. Lol

July 07 2021

@Iyana Tay is always true to herself. Her self awareness and love for self is unmatched.

July 07 2021

Unapologetically you! Never change Tay.

July 07 2021

I wish I was as focused and unbothered as you are Tay Tay 😂

July 07 2021

I love how you just mind the business that pays you! You are such an inspiration.

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