Happy Wealthcare Wednesday beauTAYful TAYsearchers

Written By Taysha Smith - July 14 2021


July 15 2021

My jewelry and my nails came in today! So pretty 😍 I really loves shopping this store.

July 14 2021

@Tabetha Hahaha Tay looks like she’s half Native American and Half Indian from India. She does not look AA at all. Her skin is brown but that’s about it. She’s very racially ambiguous, but because she’s brown that throws people off. If you ask her her race she’s going to say half Honolulu half Manhattan or something witty like that 😂

July 14 2021

Elon is hilarious 😂

July 14 2021

Will you drop a trinity bracelet stack to go with the rings and the necklaces?

July 14 2021

@Bernadette Once she takes the search engine public nobody is going to be able to get near her. You think she’s guarded now just wait and see how she is in a few years. Tay don’t play. Very sweet but very intense about everything to deems important. There’s no open door with her. Once it’s closed it’s closed. She makes peace with it and keeps it moving. In her industry (telecom) she is very young so she had to wait until she got a little older to take TAYsearch public. This is a brand that will be publicly traded for hundreds of years. It’s not a fly by night like most tech firms. Wall Street loves Tay and her family. She grew up in all this. This not no happenstance it’s her destiny. The jealousy will all turn into fake admiration and ass kissing, all of which she will ignore just like she ignored the hate. Tay has an energy that makes people obsessed because she is a star who has no interest in fame. She’s not afraid of it it’s just cheap to her. All she cares about is TAYsearch making as many people rich as possible. Anything else is weirdo unbalanced bullshit to her. This is the type woman that people will write books about.

July 14 2021

The one everyone is trying to be and trying to beat. Princess untouchable. Haha. Keep shining Tay. No one does it like you do. I’ve been in awe for 20 years or so.

July 14 2021

You have the best taste ever 🥰

July 14 2021

Tis the season!

July 14 2021

I ordered the trinity rings and necklaces as soon as they dropped. 🙃

July 14 2021

That Bazooka Joe purse is so so fly 😎

July 14 2021

Great post Tay Tay!

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