Happy Wealthcare Wednesday beauTAYful TAYsearchers.

Written By Taysha Smith - September 22 2021


September 23 2021

@Kathy Tay is more fire and water. She’s brilliant but she don’t sit around calculating unless it’s math. She truly goes with the flow and deals with things as they come. Literally not a care in the world lol and very sweet.

September 23 2021

@Misty She updated the formulas of all her skincare she just didn’t update the pictures. The new formulas are custom not lab ready made like the old ones 😍. If you order skincare you will receive the new TNY formulas.

September 23 2021

@Voctoria I ordered the matte red TAYsearch nails this month in two different lengths

September 22 2021

@Xeu And she has way more love than hate. How can you hate a person you don’t know. That’s called jealousy and envy. Copycats usually hate and admire the person they are copying. But Tay knows this and does not give a shit about what mean spirited people say. They don’t know her so they pop shit to make themselves feel better and she just blocks and ignores them 😌

September 22 2021

@Shelly don’t forget her patents! Tay is a brainiac who happens to have the appeal of a movie star 😍

September 22 2021

@Bern Im starting to think Aubrey is one of the only successful people in his genre. Everyone else is giving phony lol 😂 Hide the money ya’ll there’s poor people around. 🤧

September 22 2021

@Raquel Tay is the only one that owns a unique store, a search engine with its own email and digital video platform. Those other people are all talk or they depend on others for their success. They can’t relate because they don’t do what she does. Honestly it’s because they are lazy and very stupid lol. Low IQ’s and big egos don’t mix. They all talk about money they don’t have in the bank and Tay talks about cold brew coffee and her favorite songs and this is why we love her. And this is why they try to copy her. 🙄

September 22 2021

I love your blog 🤩

September 22 2021

Cute 🥰

September 22 2021

Tay can you drop your dance workout playlist? I know you dance 3 days a week and you have the best taste in music.

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