Happy Wealthcare Wednesday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. I’m up! Ya’ll up?

Written By Taysha Smith - July 21 2021


July 22 2021

@Liz Tay has a new lip balm dropping on Sunday. I think she is going to send us all the link Christmas in July eve. Basically Saturday night. 🥳

July 22 2021

@Olivia She’s just a sweetheart. If she’s with you there will be pictures and family vacations. Anyone who doesn’t have that was not in a relationship with her. Once she knows you’re a user she will cut you out of her life. Smooth clean and drama free. She has no control over the drama or slander and she doesn’t care because she knows she’s dope af and the truth always comes out. It’s clear that she’s extremely kind, giving , beautiful, smart
, and loving. No one can deny that. She’s wild but she’s still amazing.

July 22 2021

@Morgan Tay is single and has been single since 2010-2011 and before that she was in a longterm relationship with her high-school sweetheart. She’s not the type who will let just anyone near her. 🥰

July 22 2021

I’ve learned so much from you over the years Tay. You are so persistent and consistent. I hope all your hard work continues to pay off 🤩

July 21 2021

Tay you are literally a human search engine! Your nails instantly make stupid people smart hahaha 🤣 . I really look up to you and I respect your intelligence.

July 21 2021

Charlotte Olympia has the cutest loafers 😻

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