Happy Wealthcare Wednesday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. Im up! Ya’ll up?

Written By Taysha Smith - June 23 2021


June 24 2021

@Simone Stop playin on Tay’s name. You know she don’t go to clubs and you know she don’t care about no powerless bottom bitch with no talent or real style to her. Leave Tay Tay out of the chit chat unless you’re talking about peace, love, and TAYsearch 😍

June 24 2021

@Simone Be nice. 😌

June 24 2021

@Ebony Speaking of Rhi Rhi she got denied entry into our club. Bouncers didn’t know her because she’s not from our city, nor care. Mean spirited hoe thought it summer 16 instead of 2021. Manhattan don’t play lol 😂 . Tay runs this city. Access denied. Carry on 🤣🤣🤣. Can’t sit with us.

June 24 2021

Tay was wearing Hermes head to toe, birkins included when these hoes were wearing baby phat and rainbow lol. There is no competition. Best dressed, best in class since birth. She don’t brag because fly shit is like breathing to her. Who brags about breathing. She gave em a decade to catch up. Times up! The sweetest ting is baaaaaack😂💨💨💨

June 24 2021

@Kimble Sweeter Tings & Good thoughts are her favorite BWFH fragrances 😍😍

June 24 2021

@Olivia Physically he’s her type as well. Well groomed , handsome, tall, and healthy. Tay is not into thin guys. She likes the bears. Those NFL types. And that’s Aubrey 😄

June 24 2021

@Olivia People are mad because Aubrey is her type. We all have types and If you know Tay you know that Aubrey is 109% her type. Nerdy, cool, smart, sweet, funny, successful at what he does, a little shady 😩. Her type lol 😂

June 24 2021

@Melody Tay put us on to Violet Grey months ago. Their service is way better than Sephora..

June 24 2021

@Iris Tay is a vibe. She’s unique and multi layered. She’s always herself without apology or explanation. And she’s a sweetheart in real life. Like everyday to everyone not just for the cameras. But Tay is a dragon lol. She will drag you out your boots if you play with her lolol. She does not hide her flaws and she will call anyone out if they are unfair. Tay Tay is the people’s princess. All people not just her people. To know her is to fall in love with her. And she is smart af, cool nerdy, can sing , dance, paint, speak, inspire. Who’s really fucking with Tay in 2021? And she’s aging like fine wine because her lifestyle is healthy. Not perfect but balanced. If you don’t like Tay you’re just jealous. She’s amazing. BAP Black American Princess and proud of it. Looking like a little Indian doll lol. 😂

June 24 2021

@Nah I’ve never been a Rhi Rhi fan. She’s fake and comes off dumb trying to be smart to me. Her vibe is phony, unstable, and unhinged. Like a mean girl pretending to be nice. She can’t sing or dance. And she is not aging well because of her unhealthy lifestyle. In a nutshell she’s old news. She can’t dress better than NYC girls. And we look better without makeup. And our vibe is real not borrowed.

June 24 2021

@Fernando When Tay says she’s chillin and minding the business that pays her she means that. 😄. It’s my goal in life to be that unbothered but still lit 🔥

June 24 2021

@Ananda I think people love and hate Tay so much because she’s highly secure which is rare.
Highly secure people know that they are personally responsible for their behaviour.

They understand what personal accountability means.

Highly secure people make decisions based on what is best for themselves and their families. They understand locus of control – what they can and cannot alter for an intended outcome.

They have a code or a system. They will abide by this system of belief to no fault. They do not break or compromise for the likings of others.

They do not purposefully seek out the path of least resistance. They choose the path they want to choose because it is best for them, or their family.

They are not afraid of confrontation, and they have excellent impulse control.

The one who is highly secure understands temperament. They know when it is, and when it is not appropriate to ‘raise their temper’.

A highly secure person is not easily provoked.

I repeat: not easily provoked.

Understanding this is important to understand this concept.

If you are prone to getting offended and trigged you are undoubtedly a highly insecure individual.

If you willfully allow another person (especially on the internet), to entirely alter your mood, thoughts and rate of breathing based on their words..

That’s a problem.

This is highly unstable and neurotic behaviour.

In modern times, it seems as if humans are:

Addicted to Affliction.

Pain, suffering, anxiety, depression, “overthinking”.

This has become your autopilot. This what you’re so used to feeling, it has become normal.


(Dealing with loss – grieving does not apply)

You did this to you. No one else. Time to take responsibility.

Does engaging with hostility bring peace?

Or are you fighting fire with fire.

Why are you giving this stranger your time of day?

They are incredibly insignificant and inconsequential on the scope of your life course.

Why do you care so much about what other people think?

You think you’re going to be able to change, teach and fix someone? Keep dreaming.

Only a self-righteous highly insecure individual would contend with this.

Your entitlement, pride, narcissism, and sanctimonious demeanour is withholding you from becoming a highly secure person like Taysha. Tay does not get triggered she does the triggering so people can heal.

Saying: “It’s not my fault.” Is not a solution.

A highly secure person like Tay does not wallow in self-pity.

They take action and make change that aligns with their intended favorable goal(s)
If you are insecure you will be obsessed over a person like Tay. Use that obsession to learn a few things not to inflict harm on a person that you just can’t fuck with lol. Her ability to block and transform negative energy into positive is unmatched. It’s like watching a super hero in the flesh. Lol 😂

June 24 2021

Hi Taysha! I met you yesterday in line at Sarabeths . You are so beautiful in person 😍. What is you secret to not aging? How do you look late 20’s without having any work done? I know Manhattan women don’t really wear makeup but how do you go out fresh faced and not look old lol 😂 . You are a gorgeous woman. Not cute be gorgeous. Your facial structure is like art. So unique. But I must say you do look very Indian like Pocahontas and a Punjab had a baby lol.

June 24 2021

@Tabetha I have two Nordic knives in my cart right now. When they first dropped at TNY I put them in my cart lol. $500 for two knives is an investment 😉

June 24 2021

@Pat Tay is very aware of yacht girls aka prostituites trying to be her friend. All whores care about is fame and money, so where there are powerful wealthy men or women you will find whores lingering lol. Tay Tay only parties or travels with her family or friends she’s known since academy. She does not hang with prostitutes of any kind. That’s just not her vibe. Tay is private and quiet, not thirsty or lacking anything. Like the rest of us she has her goals and dreams and she goes after them with integrity.🤍🤍🤍

June 24 2021

I just spent $1,300 on those Nordic knives 🔪 from your store. The chefs knife was $360 by itself. 😂. I’m like you Tay, I buy the best and use it to death lol. Cheap is actually very expensive in the long run.

June 24 2021

Tay! What is the name of that hair oil you use? Your hair is so thick and soft. Mine is very thin and dry 😩

June 23 2021

@Victoria Tay is very sweet. She can’t control that fact that so many people love her. 😁

June 23 2021

How do you come up with your ideas? Is this stuff being downloaded into your brain or what 😃 You uplift everyone you come in contact with. I love it! My husband said you’re some type of earth angel. I’m not familiar with the term but it sounds right.

June 23 2021

Do you guys wear lab coats at TAYsearch ?

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