Happy Wealthcare Wednesday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. Make it count!

Written By Taysha Smith - June 16 2021


June 17 2021

@Liz I love how unbothered she is and just keeps going. She’s like a beauTAYful warrior princess. A true inspiration to everyone. Men and women are inspired by her. Tay Tay is a bad ass but in the best way! 🤩🤩 I would of never emotionally survived Rona without her. My sisters good brand is in her store BTW.

Nashita Shah
June 17 2021

@Gweene Exactly like how could she not be a real person and we see her talk, shop in her store, wear her nails, search her engine, eat with her, shop with her, study with her, read her books, etc. She’s very real, just rare. Like a red diamond. Some people are so jealous because they are fake and she is real 😂

June 17 2021

@Gweene She’s a very dynamic person. I love everything she creates and now it makes sense why she’s so different it’s because she just grew up multi layered. And being from NYC is where here edge and her regal comes from. It’s the only city with both those energies coexist. My major was Anthropology so I love people like Taysha. I would love to write a book on her lol

June 17 2021

@Ebony Tay is connected to Asians because she is South Asian descent. Her moms dad is Indian South Asian from a country called Mauritius. That’s her grandfather. 100% South Asian. Mauritius is all Chinese descent and Indian descent or mixtures of those with the French euro descent. Tay is not AA like subsaharan that we normally think of. If you saw her in person she looks Hispanic or Indian. And she is both, but the black version of both. Her life is multi cultural though. Her God mother is 100% German Jew and her God father is Scottish Catholic. Just to give a glimpse at what type of person you are dealing with. Tay was raised to love herself first, be fair and call anybody out on their bullshit regardless of race or religion and to help everyone regardless of their race, tribe, ethnic group etc. That’s why people call her the people’s princess because she has the ability to connect to all people not just people that look like her. Tay is racially ambiguous but brown.

June 16 2021

The label lovers database is lit. Keep up the great work Tay!

June 16 2021

@Kathy And she does this thing where she lets people think she’s the one chasing when in reality it’s the men that are obsessed with her. Tay is just sweet so she never clears anything up. She let’s people gossip bad about her because she knows it’s not true so she doesn’t care. I hope the Aubrey rumors are true though. They would be sexy together. Their energetically equally yoked. Not just anybody can get near her. Tay don’t mingle with dummies because she’s knows they will fuck up the churches money lol. She will keep you at arms length in the sweetest way possible if she thinks your dumb.

June 16 2021

I need everything in this post haha 😂

June 16 2021

@Norma Tay is sweet but she is cut throat as well. She will cut you clean out of her life like you never existed. It’s her way or the highway and men love that about her. She will never be a side chick, a mistress, etc. she’s a wife or she’s nothing. That’s her energy. She’s sweet but she don’t play. No arguing no drama no nothing, she will just cut you out and keep it moving. Her ability to set healthy boundaries is legendary. You can’t charm her or bullshit or manipulate her. She will see right through it.

June 16 2021

@Benne The TAYsearch nail can be used with all Samsung Galaxies and Apple iPhone launched after September 2018 eg XR , XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro , 11 Pro Max , 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. I have all 10 of my TAYsearch nails programmed and I love them. Tay Tay is so next level brilliant it’s scary 😧

June 16 2021

That LV hair tie is so cute.

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