I’m in my baaaaaag agaiiiiin! Happy Money Monday beauTAYful TAYsearchers. What are ya’ll creating today? :)

Written By Taysha Smith - January 03 2022


January 03 2022

It’s the raw in your face honesty for me. You’re so good at expressing how you feel and don’t give af what anyone thinks.

January 03 2022

@Flora Tay has big dreams just like everyone else and she does not give up! I love her 😍

January 03 2022

@Olivia Tay knows her worth and she knows her name has an energy attached to it. Someone else could try to do what she does but won’t be able to command what she commands. This comes from her soul it’s not an act. You can’t replicate someone’s soul no matter how hard you try. It just comes across as a cheap version of the real thing.

January 03 2022

Those hoops are everything Tay Tay. I want them in yellow sapphire with the yellow 18k gold.

January 03 2022

One thing Tay gone do is invest in herself. I love your whole vibe. I honestly always have. Do you pray and ask GOD which direction to go in? Like how do you know how to shift towards what’s next to pop! And how do you block the noise of the people who just don’t get your it?

January 03 2022

@Unis I told you she is mutha of all this stuff we see now on the internet. It’s the down to earth ness for me. Tay just be chillin doing whatever she loves. She’s not a greedy soul because if she was she would charge way more for everything. Her prices are actually conservative compared to others.

January 03 2022

@Joyce I’m blown away by what she has built for herself but I’m not surprised. She’s been doing her thing for over twenty years. I forget how long because she looks so young. I mean she is young but she’s not as young as she looks. She looks late twenties in person. Her prices are actually very fair. I’m sure she makes six figures for multinational deals and residuals off the back end. And lots not forget that she owns all her platforms, front and back end.

January 03 2022

@Unis In her media kit Tay charges $2,500 a blog post, $7,500 for a mention in a sponsored favorites video, and $12,000 for a dedicated eleven minute video. That’s not for multinationals who plan to use her image in multiple places, that’s just her standard on her social media stuff. The search engine has a different price structure for themes, power listings, api call shares and TAYemail ads. What I quoted above were her rates for 2021. She didn’t release the new 2022 media kit yet.

January 03 2022

@Morgan I already have have the pink sapphire dragonfly earrings. Tonight I’m going to order the denim dragonfly earrings and denim sapphire bangle.

January 03 2022

I love this blog post!!! You are such a cool chica 🤩

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