It’s Skincare Sunday and I Made The World’s Most Amazing Omelette! #EvaSolo

Written By Taysha Smith - December 12 2021


December 13 2021

@Xeu I am re writing ✍️ Gilded Hills meet the gg’s. I want to take it from novela to novel ,It’s been quiet the journey 🤗🕶🤍

December 12 2021

@Monica True. Aubs is amongst the best of the best yet he stands alone. 🤗

December 12 2021

Neatly is a fire song. But then again it’s Drake so of course it’s fire.

December 12 2021

You’re so good at what you do!!! Mind blown 🤯

December 12 2021

Lyrics trigger me as well. That’s how you know the song is good 😊

December 12 2021

Tay the pedicure spot I sent you is so you. Toronto’s finest haha.

December 12 2021

I ordered two of those frying pans and I can’t wait for them to come 🤗.

December 12 2021

Tay you’re so vulnerable with everything and this is why you’re so happy and blessed. I really felt this post and I don’t know who or what the fug you’re talking about.

December 12 2021

I love your style of writing. You can’t tell if you’re blogging or writing in a journal or if this is a page from a new novel you’re writing! The suspense. It’s giving Gilded Hills m the t the GG’s vibes. Will you be releasing that novel anytime soon.

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