Holy Hermès! It’s Skincare Sunday and it’s time for a 3 clay & rose mud mask WITH a side of Birkin.

Written By Taysha Smith - September 26 2021


September 27 2021

Tay you are the type that would coordinate your iced coffee with your nails and handbag lol

September 27 2021

@Violet She’s so high vibe that not even the lowest vibe person can harm her. Unfuckwithable is not the word. Anyone that has wished her harm is suffering themselves. All their hate, envy, and jealousy backfired. You can’t fuck with an angel. Period!

September 27 2021

@Vanessa Tay gets whatever she wants she doesn’t have to chase anything or anyone. Showing love is not chasing it’s loving. Tay smothers people with love especially when they are under attack. That’s just how she is. She will share her good energy with the person that’s under attack so they can regroup. Tay Tay is an earth angel 😇. If you have ever been around her you would be just as in love as we are.

September 27 2021

You have the best taste!!! I can’t say it enough.

September 27 2021

Is that a Judith Leiber lipstick case? Now that is pretty.

September 27 2021

@Gweene I can see Tay with Aubrey or Elon. But Aubrey is her type Elon is not at all. 😝. Tay is loving but detached. She could have a little Aspergers herself haha.

September 27 2021

@Unis People date who they are. If they are basic they date basic. You can’t hide your insecure soul lol. Let people be with the people that fit them best. If Tay has taught us anything she’s taught us that. Love yourself (stay single) and love people that truly love you.

September 27 2021

@Oscar She has a 2nd house in Scorpio which rules finance. In other words Tay is never telling us how much she’s worth financially. Honestly that’s very smart of her because it keeps her safe. They can’t hate or plot on what they can’t see lol 😝 Tay don’t care if you think she’s worth a trillion or a dollar. She just don’t give af. Lol

September 27 2021

@Cathrine Tay is worth more than all your favorites combined lol. That’s why they’re jealous. And on top of all that she doesn’t even care. All she cares about is guiding people with her search engine. At this point in her life she’s untouchable and highly favored. Hate it or love it Tay Tay is on top with not a care in the world lol 😂

September 27 2021

@Samantha Tay is actually very brilliant. Fashion keeps her grounded because her brain and the way she processes things is on some next level waves. You can put anything ordinary in front of her and she will make it extraordinary from the inside out. Not many people can do that. 🤩

September 26 2021

I need to visit HawIi next year because that trip is long overdue 🥰

September 26 2021

That Hermès wallet is so pretty 😍

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