It’s TAYstudios Tuesday and Today’s All About Math Problems :D

Written By Taysha Smith - November 16 2021


November 18 2021

Tay you remind me of Apollonia. Prince’s soulmate Appollonia and you have the same vibe 😎

November 18 2021

@Candice Tay looks more Indian in person. Indian or Dominican. But to me she looks Indian and I’m
India born.

November 17 2021

Is that the Chanel wrist scrunchi wallet? Does it hold your Bose earbuds?

November 17 2021

Tay it’s the loud laugh for me. I meant to ask you which Frette towels do you buy? Meaning, what is the name of the actual towel range?

November 16 2021

@Liz The Palm Court, BG at Bergdorf’s, The Lowell. And Astor Court all have really good high tea and afternoon tea 🤗

November 16 2021

Good luck with your Maths Tay Tay! Only you would master math just to find the rhyme for your search engine. I’m sure you’re the best dressed in your class 😁🤗

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