It’s Thirsty Thursday BeauTAYful TAYsearchers! What Chall Doing?

Written By Taysha Smith - December 02 2021


December 03 2021

Tay Tay you have the best taste in everything!

December 03 2021

@Gweene Right! Tay is not a know it all but she is very knowledgeable. She’s always learning and the more she learns the more she pours that into TAYsearch. Just dope af across the board. People can’t copy her soul and that is where her genius comes from. These dummies just don’t get that. So busy trying to compete when they should be complimenting her. She does not care and just keeps it moving. 😍 I’m literally in love 😻

December 03 2021

@Catherine Tay is Indigenous American and she looks it. She’s the epitome of BAP = Black American Princess. Mixed raced but this is her country. New York is her city because she was birthed there. All these posers from these third world countries wish they were BAPs and they wish they were real New Yorkers. But their vibe and birth certificates tell a different story. Tay is authentic Tay. Truly one of one just living moment to moment enjoying each moment to the fullest. And she makes everything dope af. Even ketchup and toilet paper. Lol. I love that about her.

December 02 2021

Pricey pedicures for the win!!!

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