It’s TAYstudios Tuesday beauTAYful TAYsearchers! #AppleWatch7

Written By Taysha Smith - October 26 2021


October 26 2021

@Gweene She does have princess vibes. There’s something very genuine about her and sweet. But she’s very guarded but I guess she has to be.

October 26 2021

@Nadia Manhattan is Tay’s city. If you even breathe the wrong way towards her then demons from Marble Hill and all the way to the bums in CPS will attack you lol. People love and respect her and her family. But Tay is the one that they connect to because she’s real. Tay Tay has boundaries but she cares for real and ninjas can feel that from a distance.She’s literally the people’s princess.

October 26 2021

That watch color way is pretty 😍

October 26 2021

@Paige She lives between Manhattan, Honolulu and Toronto. ACK and Colorado are also stomping grounds for her. Tay does not live in NJ. All that stuff been sold. This is what happens when people stalk and slander. 😅 Always wrong.

October 26 2021

@Bernadette Yes I am. Tay called it a year ago and my jaw is on the floor watching what she said unfold play by play.

October 26 2021

@Xeu Are you watching the Facebook shenanigans? 😅

October 26 2021

@Paula Nutrition is an art form not an exact science like mathematics. Do what works for you but don’t attack others because they don’t agree. It’s giving psycho cult leader instead of concerned neighbor 🤪🥊

October 26 2021

@Paula there is no proof that long term Veganism is healthy. Short term yes because it’s a detox for the body but long term it’s not. There is proof that it’s not healthy over the long term. Balance is key.

Heather P
October 26 2021

Tay which brand of rose oil do you use?

October 26 2021

Great post!

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