It's hard out here for a wealthy Black Woman in America! No it's not. We chillin lol. But the Black wealth hate online needs to stop .

Written By Taysha Smith - November 12 2020


November 13 2020

Tay you are so strong but still sweet. I admire the way you navigate through it all. 🤗

November 13 2020

People are so rude and pathetic 🙄

November 12 2020

Tay you got alligator thick skin. If give no f*cks was a person it would be you. 🤣😜

Georgia F
November 12 2020

Tay we know you don’t care at all 😅

November 12 2020

People literally talk all day about people they don’t know. Jealously. 🤢

November 12 2020


November 12 2020

If they can’t be you they will hate you for being you. Tay you taught by example us how to handle hate online with style and grace.

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