Please don’t try to put me in a box because I will claw my way out EVERYTIME. xo TAY

Written By Taysha Smith - April 20 2021


April 21 2021

Tay swear people jealous of her waffle maker hahaha. 😂. I’m low key jelly but that’s not the point.

April 21 2021

We don’t deserve you Tay. You are literally an angel in human form. A wild ass angel but still an angel.

April 21 2021

Tay you get me so hyped and motivated! Thank you for being you. 🕶🤍

April 20 2021

@Samantha Artisan is what she uses to build the TAYsearch nail kits! It’s in house but anybody that’s pro can buy it if they want. Tay don’t care 🤩

April 20 2021

That waffle maker is so cute. Drop the link!

April 20 2021

Chris you better treat her right or we are coming for you PeriodT.🥳

April 20 2021

Bet on Tay. Tay Tay is the new 401k

April 20 2021

Tay you a literally a gem 💎Drop the link to that waffle maker please.

Heather P
April 20 2021

Your nails 😍

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