Pop on a detox face mask of your choice and catch up on Euphoria..

Written By Taysha Smith - November 06 2020


November 06 2020

Euphoria is a good show to binge. As far as face masks I’m wearing the expensive charcoal mask from taysha new york skin

November 06 2020

Binge watching now. My face mask of choice is the detox mask from niu body.

November 06 2020

I didn’t know Drake EP’d this show. Speaking of Drake. I’m blasting NWTS right now. 🥳🥳 .

November 06 2020

@Adam As she should. You sound mad. 👻

November 06 2020

Drake is the executive producer so of course Tay is promoting this show. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

November 06 2020

Euphoria is dark 😈 I like it.

November 06 2020

All humans need is love and respect. Anything less is uncivilized. Anything more must be given only to those that deserve it. Euphoria is well done. I’m enjoying it 🤗. My face mask of choice is zee TNY charcoal of course 🤪

November 06 2020

It’s a good show. 13 reasons done right. My detox mask of choice is TNY. I’m feeling expensive today 😜

November 06 2020

I love that detox beauty kit Tay. Thanks for reminding me to reorder. 😍

November 06 2020

I find the lead actress to be lack lustre. They could of found someone with a stronger presence to play the role. This girl is a try hard in real life and it comes across on screen. Overall I love the show. I’ll be binge watching all weekend with my face mask on. Haha.

November 06 2020

One thing about Tay is she allows people to speak their peace. This show proves to me that different people handle different things differently. Some of us are hardwired to thrive no matter what. Others are just not built for life.

November 06 2020

Self inflicted anxiety. ☠️Have a seat and eat a cookie. Everybody is going nuts 🥜. The ungratefulness is through the roof. This is a good show. It highlights the bullshit and the poor parenting.

November 06 2020

These are the same issues we had in our high school. But we didn’t do drugs. The drug users were and still are attention seeking losers.

November 06 2020

I’m on the fence about euphoria. I can’t deal with all the cry babies and victims. Grow some balls girl scouts. Life is tuff. Do some push-ups and push through. A bunch of spoiled drug addicts and degenerates? Sounds boring to me. I’m going to watch all the episodes because Tay suggested it. I will try to see what she see’s.

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