Roaming the city streets in my Romas! Top 3 Roma Rain Boots Im loving this week. #GivingPoverty #TheBoot

Written By Taysha Smith - January 14 2021


January 15 2021

I’m trying to be as carefree as Tay but my anxiety won’t let me be great. 😩

January 15 2021

It’s the green for me. In my 🛒

January 14 2021

@Kate So true. Trump is ghetto and petty. He will make it his business to destroy Facebook and Twitter.

January 14 2021

@Kate I don’t care. I don’t watch the news and I don’t use social media. 😅

January 14 2021

@Michelle I don’t know why these social media platforms are playing with Trump. He will make sure the DOJ takes down atleast one of them. My guess is Facebook and Twitter. This nonsense is far from over. Mark is going to lose everything he built.

January 14 2021

I love 💘 this post

Kathy Turner
January 14 2021

Tay your energy is next level. Please protect your energy. Bullshitters will try to steal your energy. I know you are very intuitive borderline psychic. You got this 😉

Georgia F
January 14 2021

I love me some Tay Tay 🥰.

January 14 2021

When Tay is focused on something man oh man does it move. 😊

January 14 2021

I wear my matte black romas everyday lol

January 14 2021

I have the yellow and the cheetah grey. Now I need these three!!!

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