TAYsearch? How do you know the limit does not exist?

Written By Taysha Smith - March 20 2021


March 21 2021

@Alicia why are people stalking her Instagram that she barely uses. Tay is a visual artist as well so she moves posts around for aesthetic purposes. 😂. Nothing deep about that. She just likes the pictures to tell a story. Tay Tay is the sweetest person on earth in designer. She does not play rain deer games.

March 21 2021

@Amanda If she is quiet that means she is doing lots of work behind the scenes. Tay is a quiet storm. Very very strategic woman. And very trust worthy that’s why she is loved so deeply.

March 20 2021

I don’t know why people are so intimidated by you? You are literally the most approachable warm sweetest person ever.

Heather P
March 20 2021

Tay Tay is about to win the Noble Prize for Mathematics because of her new search engine algorithm. I already see it!

March 20 2021

Dreaded Calculus 🤨

March 20 2021

Your children are going to be so smart and cool.

March 20 2021

What a beautiful mind sheesh.

March 20 2021

I love this haha

March 20 2021

Brilliant post 😄

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