The Immune System #Back2basics

Written By Taysha Smith - March 14 2020


Lordes Green
June 02 2020

I finally got my order and I love this cleaner Tay. It was worth the wait. When can we order refills of the Veles?

May 21 2020

Everyone who purchased the Justine clean will receive the recipe to the original formula and a Bottle of Veles multi purpose cleanser. Think of Veles as a better version of Justine Clean. Thank me layta. Veles equals Justine Clean 2.0

March 16 2020

I recieved my Justine clean today and it is good. I ordered 4 more bottles just incase I run out.

Staris Simpkins
March 16 2020

I would like to buy a bottle of your Justine Clean for $202,20

March 16 2020

Thanks Tay!

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