The Power of Peppermint. #lipcare #lipcareroutine #BAP #TAYsha

Written By Taysha Smith - March 09 2020


March 09 2020

Hi darlingsss. I sent each of you an email response. Please check your TAYemail as per usual. It’s the easiest way for me to communicate effectively 😘

March 09 2020

This about to be my new addiction. Hahaha

Norma from Kansas City
March 09 2020

$20.20 is the price? That’s so cool. Your attention to detail is out of this world. Is this exclusive to Amazon prime?

March 09 2020

Tay you have a way with words. I’m here for this

March 09 2020

I can’t wait for this new release. I used to think peppermint was bad for the lips. Clearly I was misinformed.

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