Tis the season for Mini Constance Hermès belts & Givenchy blankets in Central Park

Written By Taysha Smith - April 30 2021


April 30 2021

@Elizabeth Tay is a princess and Chris is a prince. They are both nerds who can dress so it makes since 😍 She said he’s her best friend. Code for her nigga lol 😂

April 30 2021

People needed Tay to be fake because they are fake. It’s called projection. Tay Tay does not perform she just be living her carefree brainiac life. She is a genius. A literal genius. Ask Harvard and all the other schools that beg her to attend🥳

April 30 2021

@Morgan You can’t just pull up on Tay unannounced. She has Hawaii, Mauritius, Nantucket, Rhode Island, Somerset Hills and Manhattan on lock. Can’t nobody just pull up. That’s just her vibe. Tay been rich her whole life that’s why she’s so comfy in her skin. This vibe of hers is not an act. Your favorites study her and copy her NOT the other way around. If you ever meet her I promise you she will be sweet, dressed to the 9’s, and just easy going and dope. But people will be watching you watch her. #respectfully

April 30 2021

Which NYPL do you go to Tay? The one on 5th ave or the one near Lincoln Center? Do they print the library cards on site?

April 30 2021

@Timothy welcome! Yes Tay Tay is the realist bitch alive. Welcome to her world. And yes she really is this real and this sweet. I thought she was a Scorpio or a Leo when I first met her. I’ve been hooked to her vibe for almost 20 years 😂. I promise you will never come across an energy like Tay Tay again.

April 30 2021

Not Keith Sweat 💦. This was my jam in middle school though haha. Anyone born in the 80’s knows 😅

April 30 2021

@Kim 1981 and 1989 . Tay just looks really young. 😻😻😻. I mean she’s not old she’s just older than him. Which is good. Not old and bitter but not young and dumb.

April 30 2021

Chris & Tay are giving me Victoria & David Beckham vibes. ChrisTAY lol is giving mysterious sexy youthful rich smart fun unique healthy wealthy new era. Down to earth but not touchable.

April 30 2021

Tay Tay the label lovers feature on the search engine is out of this world! You nail the fine details every time.

April 30 2021

A staycation at the plaza is on my list for this summer.

April 30 2021

Mr chows is on DoorDash and Postmates. I love it here!

April 30 2021

Givenchy makes picnic blankets? So cute ☺️

Heather P
April 30 2021

Is that a Dior belt bag in black ostrich with gold hardware 🤯

April 30 2021

Chris looks like a model 💕

April 30 2021

The Plaza reopens on May 20th 🥳🥳🥳. I hope I bump into you in your element Tay Tay! The princess of the Plaza.

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