Why peaceful sleep in a clean snuggle approved bed is so important...

Written By Taysha Smith - February 26 2021


February 27 2021

One thing about Tay she gone tell you how she feels 🤣

Georgia F
February 26 2021

Feminine beautiful and inspirational ❤ = Tay Tay

February 26 2021

Tay your body looks amazing 👏. Drop the fitness routine ASAP love.

February 26 2021

@Heather yes I know. And she’s very soft spoken and alluring in person. So fun and sweet. That is so rare with women who are smart and naturaly stunning. She’s my hero in real life.

February 26 2021

@Heather Tay works from home. She’s a homebody times ten. All her business is done from or can be done from a home like setting. She’s very traditional, hence the reason why so many people want to marry her. 😍

February 26 2021

@Lisa I think Lalii is 23 or 24? She’s very young.

February 26 2021

Is her bed from restoration hardware? I think that’s the grey wood bed I had my eye on.

February 26 2021

Nothing like fresh white sheets and a bed full of white pillows💕

February 26 2021

Is a grey tee shirt and expensive jewelry the uniform of wealthy girls around the word? Haha 😂

February 26 2021

That kitten is so cute

February 26 2021

Right on time 😜

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