Yacht Finishes All 2021? Say Less. :) #NowTrending #onTAYsearch

Written By Taysha Smith - January 04 2021


January 06 2021

I like how you built a mirror of TNY inside the Taysearch App. How long did it take you guys to build the Taysearch App from scratch? What a daunting task, no? 😖

January 05 2021

Tay what do you think of Ariana Grande’s new album? I know you love her, that’s why I’m asking. I love it meja 🤍

January 05 2021

@Monique it’s a fragrance house so I think they are rolling out more than candles. New roll-outs take time.

January 05 2021

When are the BWFH candles dropping? Is revolve restocking? Will TNY stock them? We need answers Tay Tay ☺

January 05 2021

Tay I ordered the veles cleaner and I am hooked! Baybee you are the best. It took me years to spend with you because I believed in the negative gossip about you. I apologize for judging you without knowing you. Keep doing your thing.

January 05 2021

I can’t afford netha one lol. But If I could I would go with the picnic boat.

January 04 2021

@Mandy I met Tay last year in Cartier. She is all hair. I thought she was tall but she’s max 5’5”. Thicka then a snicka though. 😂. She looks like she is in her late 20’s or early 30’s. Her voice had me in a trance. Very soft spoken and seductive without trying to be seductive.

January 04 2021

@Christina It’s same day delivery to Westchester, Hamptons,, Manhattan, and Honolulu if you order before 2pm.

January 04 2021

I am team Aubrey on this one Tay Tay. Your little shit is too little haha 😄

January 04 2021

Drake breathes and he’s trending 🤩

January 04 2021

I ran out of bubble bath 😑. If I order tonight, how soon could I get my order? I live in Rye NY. 💕💕💕

January 04 2021

I like both 😌

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