Yep! It’s good on everything... #TAYeatsgoodfood #foodfashion

Written By Taysha Smith - February 07 2021


February 07 2021

@Lourdes Yes Tay looks Native American and Indian from India Indian. I saw her last year and looks very Indian or Spanish in person. She looks about 28-30 in person. 😍

February 07 2021

@Bernadette Kelis is Afro-Latina and Japanese mix. Tay is Black Native American, Afro Latina, and AftoIndian mix. Tay looks very Indian and Latina to me.

February 07 2021

She is beautiful skinny and chunky. I love her face and her rasp voice.

February 07 2021

You and Kelis both have very cute youthful faces.

February 07 2021

Three posts in one day! What have we done to deserve this 😄

February 07 2021

Food fashion is just another thing for the phonies to copy 🤣. I am happy the real actually make the money off of it because of Tay Tay.

February 07 2021

Money Manhattan stand up 😉

February 07 2021

This post gave me life! Kelis is so dope!

Heather P
February 07 2021

I love how normal Kelis looks after just having a baby. Not fake looking like most celebrities.

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