Socialite Mascara #Classic #OG #TheGoat



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Socialite Mascara #Classic #OG #TheGoat
Socialite Mascara #Classic #OG #TheGoat
Socialite Mascara #Classic #OG #TheGoat

The only thing that can top this mascara is a cheeseburger made out of gold. FYI. Cheeseburger not included 🤪 

“As seen in Life & Style Mag, Instyle Mag, Atlantan Mag, Vogue Mag and soooo many other mags worldwide.”

Here are the details on the infamous socialite mascara... created in 2003.

Each mascara is hand painted and designed by award winning Swarovski crystal designers. The mascara looks super pretty on your powder-room vanity long after the tube is finished. FYI, we do not refill the mascara for hygiene reasons.  

Yes, ride or die socialite mascara collectors do purchase a new tube of socialite mascara every three months. It’s a choice every over the top mascara wearer has to make for him/herself. :) 

What does it do?

Maximize lashes with our advanced formula that imparts extreme volume, separation, length, lift and defined lashes. Vitamin rich formula adheres to each lash from base to tip for superior volume and performance for all day wear.

What’s in it ?

Film Forming Polymers helps to provide transfer and water resistance.
Sodium Hyaluronate helps to condition lashes.
Thickening Complex helps impart lashes with ultimate volume.
Vitamins C & E condition hair and help combat the damaging effects of free radical scavengers.
Panthenol condition and provide antioxidant protection.

How does it work?

Apply generously to lashes in an upward motion, wiggling the bristles at the lash root to build thickness. Apply additional coats as desired.
Socialite Mascara #Classic #OG #TheGoat
Socialite Mascara #Classic #OG #TheGoat
Socialite Mascara #Classic #OG #TheGoat

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